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Advice on priority weed control

Contact our local Illawarra District Weeds Authority (IDWA) weeds officers.

Contract spraying

Go to the information page on current charges and conditions on our spraying services.

Property search information – S.64 Certificates

In response to a written application from a prospective property purchaser or his/her agent, the Illawarra District Weeds Authority will provide certification as to whether (1) there are any outstanding weed control notices or (2) outstanding weed control fees on the property.  The charge for this Section 64 Certificate is $30.00.

Property purchasers – “BUYER BEWARE!”:

A prospective property purchaser should be aware that a “clearance” as stated on a Section 64 Certificate (above) DOES NOT necessarily have any relevance to the property’s general and existing priority weed status.  The law provides that Council may only supply specific information as per (1) and (2) above.  Council is NOT permitted to provide details of the property’s priority weed status to any person other than the current owner/occupier.