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The Illawarra District Weeds Authority (IDWA) is the local weed control authority for the area of southern NSW, Australia covered by the local government areas of Wollongong City, Shellharbour City and Kiama Municipal Council.

The Authority is responsible for controlling priority weeds on all council owned lands including certain roadsides and vacant Crown Land through special grants.  It is also responsible for the inspection of private property for priority weed infestations and the giving of directions and advice to landholders or occupiers so that adequate control is maintained.

The IDNWA came into existence in 1992 when the abovementioned councils decided to form a special purpose council to administer and control their noxious weeds. Since July 2017 with new regulations aour name changed to Illawarra Distrcit Weeds Authority (IDWA). Each of the three constituent councils has one delegate who represents their council's interests and oversees the affairs of the Authority.  A technical sub-committee comprised of one officer from each of the three council's technical staff provides an advisory and support function to the IDWA.

Funds are provided for the working of the Authority by the State Government and the constituent councils.


Vision Statement

To encourage community action and control of prioroty weeds within the local area by approved methods and in doing so protect and enhance the natural and man made environment of the Illawarra region.

Control Authority Aims



  • To reduce the negative impact of priority weeds on the community and environment of the Illawarra region by establishing control mechanisms to:
  1. Prevent the establishment of new weeds.
  2. Restrict the spread and reduce the impacts of existing weeds.


  • To develop, implement and co-ordinate priority weed control programs in close co-operation with all landholders.
  • To prevent the establishment, restrict the spread, and reduce the impacts of all declared priority weeds within the local area.
  • To enhance community awareness and understanding of priority weeds and their control.


  • The IDWA aims to prevent all State and Regional Priority weeds from establishing within the local area, including eradicating and containing these weeds, whilst reducing the incidence of other local priority weeds from public lands in the Illawarra District.
  • The IDWA aims to cooperate closely with all landholders to prevent establishment and ensure eradication of all priority and weeds, and to reduce the incidence of other local priority weeds on private lands within the Illawarra District.
  • The IDWA aims to provide a cost efficient weeds control program, while taking appropriate steps to protect the environment.




Media coverage, field days, talks, discussions, displays


Utilise print media, TV, radio on regular basis.  Conduct field days to promote new/alternate technology.  Promote and be involved in community events and discussions.

Inspection of lands


Property inspections to be undertaken on a regular basis

Control undertaken on LCA lands


Carry out required control measures thereby leading by example

Liaison with key stakeholders


Development of Regional Management Plans/LAP Involvement in Regional/Local Committees

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